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Thursday, October 28, 2004
In the Shadow of Deadlines

So here I am, with a deadline bearing down, the elections building to their crescendo, and with my inbox bulging with more than a hundred unread and unresponded to messages. I am sitting here grasping at ways to avoid looking into the gaping second act hole. I could fudge the deadline, but I’m not. I need to get this script done, and I am ready to have it done so that I can move onto another project. It will get done but it’s not going to be fun.

To further the procrastination, here is a meme that I picked up from Gareth:

*Wordpad or Notepad? Neither. I'm also a Mac User.

*What is your mother's father's middle name? Robertson. One more identity verification question lost to the public domain.

*How long does it take you to pee? As long as it takes.

*How did your parents meet? Bridge party (Hmm, and they wonder why I am a gamer).

*What's your favorite kind of yogurt? None really. Something with fruit if I have to answer.

*Favorite Disney movie? Bedknobs & Broomsticks, I suppose. Not something I spend a lot of bandwidth on.

*When's your favorite author's birthday? Even if I could decide on a favorite author, this would require research.

*How many cousins do you have? 3. Amazingly, we are all now here in Austin after having been scattered all of the country for the last two decades and scattered between Austin and Southeast Texas before that.

*Do you know how to use chop sticks? Of course. I was pretty good even before I went to Japan.

*Favorite kind of bread? I’ll be a loyal regionalist and go with corn bread.

*What song do you have set as your ringtone? No song.

*Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes, but I’m not particularly keen on either.

*What were you for Halloween when you were 7? The headless horseman.

*What's your favorite baseball team? (1) Yankees, (2) Giants (my cap got me some strange looks in NYC, and (3) Astros.

*Did you watch the summer olympics this year? Some. A bit of the opening ceremonies, the marathon, some other events. I followed them closely in the paper.

*What do you think a 'Mip Mep' is? An attempt to elicit a wild ass guess.

*What picture is your current wallpaper? Mac default

*What program do you use to listen to music? iTunes.

*Do you prefer carbonated or flat beverages? I favor free love of both carbonated and flat beverages.

*What's your favorite kind of accent? Central European.

*Name a country that starts with D? Denmark

*What's your opinion on Ken Jennings? I'm amazed that he is still up there. I wonder what his boss thinks.

*What's the funniest thing that happened to you at a Panda Express? Never been to a Panda Express.

*Name 3 movies that made you cry? The Royal Tennenbaums, Manon of the Springs, Mr. Holland’s Opus.

*Favorite Roald Dahl book? Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang

*What's your favorite joke? Here’s one I enjoy retelling:

Two guys were having a great day playing golf, but the women in front of them were playing slowly. One finally said, “I’m going to go ask if we can play through.”

He got within a wedge shot of the green when he turned back. “Funny thing,” he said, “that’s my mistress playing with my wife.” They continued to play for a few more holes, but the waiting just grew. Finally, the second guy said, “That’s enough, I’ll go ask them if we can play through.” He got up almost to the bunker in front of the green, before he too turned around.

When he got back to his playing partner, he remarked, “Small world, ain’t it?

*How many Oompa Loompas does it take to screw in a light bulb? According to the book, the 70s movie, or the new movie? Why don't you ask the screenwriter?

*Do you like haunted houses? Shouldn’t you have asked this after the Disneyland question?

*Favorite ride at Disneyland? Indiana Jones.

*What site hosts your e-mail? Multiple accounts.

*How many Cheetos can you fit in your mouth at one time? I am happy to not know the answer.

*Do you have any strange habits? Stranger than replying to memes?

*Do you like the smell of Sharpies? Usually no. I’m not a big huffer.

*What did you eat for dinner yesterday? Chicken soup, schnitzel, potatoes, and cole slaw.

*Do you save things or throw them away? I am a big pack rat.

*What does your favorite away message say? Any message saying that I am gone on a fabulous trip is a good message.

*What's your 14th interest? Huh?

*Move your head from left to right 20 times, then up and down 14 times. You didn’t say “Simon says.”

*What posters do you have on your walls? The walls are kind of sparse right now. I have got a reproduction print of a chinese painting of people crossing a mountain pass on horseback and a Dali print of the King of Hearts. I have a “I am a Killer D Fan” poster leaning against the wall.

*What year is your car, or the car that your parents drive? 1997.

*What do you like on your omelet? On my omelet, it’s salsa but only occasionally. In my omelet, I like many things, particularly mushrooms, cheese, spinach, and garlic.

*Describe your wallet. Worn leather. Bank cards on the right. Ids on the left. Club cards under the bank cards. Hold out 20 in back.

*Did you like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Most definitely.

*Favorite Shakespeare play? Hamlet.

*Say a word in Spanish? Dijo una palabra en Espanol

*Favorite Olympic event? Swimming.

*Flip a coin. How did it land? Heads. So are you backtracking somehow to compile statistical data on this?

*Favorite way to express amusement over the web? I am laughing so hard I can barely type.

And all that made me feel: Calmer, amused.

Soundtrack: All Things Considered.


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